Unbenanntes Dokument

We breed our toys as a hobby and do not breed litters purely for sale and not to general public. Our dogs are checked for PRA-prcd by Optigen and do have the examinations for cataract and grey star. As well as knee checked for luxating patellas. If you seriously interested to purchase a puppy, dont hestiate to contact us.
We do have 1-2 litters a year and breed with love and care.

Unbenanntes Dokument
Canmoy's Tuxedo

dob: 30.06.2009
Breeder: Tina Taulos ( FIN )
Color: brown
Size: 26cm
full dentation

PRA-prcd A


Canmoy's Rainstorm

Solnes Rain Maker

Solnes Rain Dance

Solnes Be Witched

Canmoy's Wildest Dreams

Haggai Sleep to Dream

Canmoy's Hugs N Kisses

Canmoy's Real Luv

Magicstar Canmoy Puymeras

Primrose Taylor Made

Magicstar Noella Puymeras

Canmoy's PS I Love you

Eugenios Would Love To Too

Canmoy's Chi at Tirkane

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